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April 28, 2016

Honeywell Redefinig the Role of A Turbo with Electric Boosting Innovations at International Vienna Motor Symposium

VIENNA, Austria – April 29, 2016 – Honeywell (NYSE:HON), the leading global developer of automotive turbochargers, will be presenting auto makers at the International Vienna Motor Symposium its latest turbocharger developments involving electric boosting. These new technologies are applicable to vehicles with internal combustion engines as well as advanced powertrains like hybrids and full electrics using fuel cell technology.

Honeywell Transportation Systems is highlighting its new two-stage electrical compressor used by a leading global manufacturer for a hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle it intends to bring to market by the end of 2016. Benefits of the new compressor include compact packaging allowing the vehicle to retain the interior cabin space of a true 5-passenger sedan; unequaled performance operating at more than 4 bar (400 kPa) and with continuous rating of more than 20 kW; and industry first air bearings are cooled by the machine’s own compressed air eliminating the potential for poisoning the fuel cell with any oils or greases and helping ensure zero emissions.

The compressor represents a fusion of aerospace and automotive competencies offered at a lower cost structure and quality level that matches the needs of the automotive industry.

Honeywell is also working with Delphi Automotive on its V2possible 48V mild hybrid demonstration vehicle it unveiled at the show featuring a 48-volt electrical system designed to deliver enhanced overall performance, fuel economy and emissions. Honeywell has supported Delphi with its E-Charger technology which complements the traditional turbo architecture by updating the turbine side of the turbo with an electric motor to drive the compressor wheel to feed air to the engine quickly, improving transient performance.

The 48-volt architecture from Delphi removes electrical system limitations found on most premium vehicles, while also providing four times the power of a current 12-volt system. This solution will allow auto makers ample room to innovate without moving up to a bigger engine to get more power. The additional power can be used for more content such as infotainment and active safety features. Its on-boarding cost is offset by the additional fuel economy savings by more than doubling the fuel efficiency improvements of a 12-volt stop/start–from 5 percent to more than 10 percent.

“Honeywell has spent the last 10 years working with auto makers to develop opportunities for electric turbos in the marketplace,” said Craig Balis, chief technology officer for Honeywell Transportation Systems. “We see electric boosting and fuel cell technology as an extension of our ability to boost engine performance and push the performance envelope of powertrain technology forward. Unlike most other suppliers, Honeywell Aerospace and Transportation Systems have the experience of both developing electric turbo machinery and also implementing it at a systems level.

“Electrification of turbochargers is a key technology that we anticipate shaping the automotive industry in the upcoming decades. Electric air compressors for fuel cells, for example, essentially enable electric cars that will power themselves through a sort of internal hydrogen energy station in the vehicle itself,” said Balis. “While this may seem like futuristic technology, these applications are already becoming a reality.”

Honeywell believes the extensive resources of its aerospace business group as well as its already considerable experience with electric boosting solutions will make it a leading contributor to future powertrain strategies requiring the integration of electric and conventional turbo machinery into air-management systems.

You can find the Honeywell booth at the Vienna show in the outside display area opposite the main entrance.

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