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For commercial vehicles, reliability is paramount and delays are costly. Connected trucks with common fleet diagnostics can be targets for hackers. Malicious messages can disrupt ECU diagnostics, prompting an unnecessary emergency response, resulting in downtime and in the end, harming customer relationships.

Cybercriminals target connected vehicles, attack networks to steal data … and more. Hackers seek vulnerabilities remotely, harvesting vehicle data including geolocation. Identifying precise vehicle positions they are placing drivers and consignments at risk.

Garrett Unified Intrusion Detection System provides easy adoption for vehicle architectures. We help OEM’s stay ahead of the hackers and successfully protect cargoes, drivers, and other road users. Garrett’s unique cybersecurity solution provides:

  • continuous scans of vehicle networks in real-time,
  • blocks intrusion attempts,
  • and analyzes and shares attack information.

Watch this demonstration with Suzanna Perrier, Global Business Development Leader for Connected Vehicle, and understand how our cybersecurity solutions can prevent your fleet from cyber-risks.

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