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June 7, 2023

International Automotive Safety and Security Congress

We are thrilled to announce our participation at this SAE International event in Shanghai, China. On June 7-8, Garrett software engineers will present the company’s class-leading automotive cybersecurity solutions and diagnostics & prognostic software tools.

Garrett is a cutting-edge technology leader that provides innovative vehicle electrification and software solutions that enables vehicles to become cleaner, more efficient and connected.

Technology Presented

Garrett Motion’s expertise combines nearly 70 years of Tier 1 automotive technology leadership with a unique aerospace and industrial software heritage. Our cybersecurity solutions are tailored to the automotive product development process and promote productivity and agility, while considering relevant standards in their design.

During this event Garrett software engineers will present the company’s class-leading Ethernet Intrusion Detection and Protection System (E-IDPS) software, how it integrates across multi-network environments, and application processor “detection-isolation-report-response” algorithms.

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Vehicle complexity is increasing with autonomous drive features, more software, increased electrification, and much more. These additional complexities make it harder to diagnose effectively, especially with the number of technicians in the industry decreasing. The end-customer’s #1 reason of service dissatisfaction is wrong repairs, leading to an estimated $9 billion of undue warranty costs for OEMs, and difficulties to keep customers loyal to repair shops.

Our solutions help automakers, fleet operators and suppliers make vehicle health management more effective while lowering their operational costs and improving end-customer satisfaction.

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Garrett Motion Automotive OEM Diagnostic & Prognostic Solutions

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