September 24, 2020

IAA Commercial Vehicles Hannover 2020

Garrett is the Partner of Choice in Enabling the Future of On-Highway & Off-Highway Vehicles

Come and discover our innovative solutions, that provide end-customer value through superior reliability, performance and fuel efficiency.
See us at IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hannover, September 2020

Commercial Double Axle VNT Turbocharger

Garrett’s latest generation Variable Geometry Turbo DAVNT (Double Axle VNT) turbocharger is valued in Commercial Vehicles for its ability to increase fuel efficiency as well as engine power density while meeting emissions through Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) control.

Engine Range

Variable Geometry Turbo DAVNT (Double Axle VNT) turbos, available in different sizes, are especially suited to diesel engines with displacements from 2.5L to 15L – from small delivery vans to large highway trucks and off-highway equipment.

DAVNT – Double Axle VNT Turbochargers

Garrett Latest generation of Variable Geometry Turbo DAVNT (Double Axle VNT) offers robust and high performance-boosting solutions enabling fuel efficiency improvement, emission reduction and further enhanced engine braking capabilities.

Commercial Vehicle DAVNT (Double Axle VNT) Turbocharger

Wastegate/Free Floating Turbochargers

Garrett Wastegate and Free Floating Turbos are designed for on- & off-highway commercial diesel engines, covering a wide range of applications such as Light Commercial Vehicle, Medium and Heavy Duty Truck, mining equipment, generator sets, locomotives, marine applications and many more.

Garrett Motion Large Wastegate / Free Floating Turbochargers

Two-Stage Turbochargers

For ultimate Boost pressure requirements, Garrett develops tailored solutions with two-stage turbo system using optimized aerodynamic solutions.

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