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October 10, 2022

Aachen Colloquium 2022

On October 10-12, Garrett Motion will be present at the Aachen Colloquium displaying the company’s latest technologies in the exhibition area.

Garrett’s cutting-edge technology enables vehicles to become safer, more connected, efficient and environmentally friendly. The company’s broad portfolio of gas and diesel turbocharging applications, electric boosting technologies and automotive software solutions empowers the transportation industry to redefine and further advance motion.

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Garrett Motion

New Generation of Modular FC compressor

The new generation product combined the knowledge of our base turbocharger business for aerodynamics, our new high-speed motor experience, and oil-free bearing experience. Capable of more than 150,000 RPM, our fuel cell compressor delivers leading performance and efficiency in a compact size.

Garrett Motion

48V Electric Compressor for Mild Hybrid Vehicles

Garrett – Advancing Motion electric compressor can deliver unmatched power density through superior aerodynamics and electrical design, helping automakers achieve the diesel and gasoline powertrain efficiency required to meet stringent emissions standards.

Variable Geometry for Gas Engines

Our VNT turbochargers use all-new aerodynamics and materials for function and advanced design for reliability allowing Garrett to achieve cost-effective, best-in-class performance and fuel economy.

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