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October 6, 2021

Aachen Colloquium 2021

On October 4 – 6, Garrett Motion will be present at the Aachen Colloquium displaying the company’s latest technologies in the exhibition area.

Garrett’s cutting-edge technology enables vehicles to become safer, more connected, efficient and environmentally friendly. The company’s broad portfolio of gas and diesel turbocharging applications, electric boosting technologies and automotive software solutions empowers the transportation industry to redefine and further advance motion.

Event Agenda


Connected Vehicle Software

Garrett’s connected vehicle software portfolio helps the automotive industry to effectively manage the growing vehicle complexity driven by new technologies, exponential software development, connectivity and an evolving regulatory environment.

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Electric Compressors for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

Our electric compressors boost fuel cell stacks to higher pressures and flows, significantly improving efficiency and power density and enabling downsized packaging to fit regular-sized vehicles.

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Electric Turbo Innovation

Award-Winning Electrified Turbos (E-Turbos) show exciting potential to improve performance and fuel economy, with all fuels (gasoline, diesel, CNG, E-Fuels & and even H2) in both light & commercial vehicles.

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Serial Compressor Turbos (SC-VNT and SC-WG)

Our Serial Compressor turbochargers unlock new possibilities of best-in-class performance and fuel economy. They offer Two-stage boost on a single shaft and are ideal for high power density gasoline engines for hybrids.

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Variable Geometry for Gas Engines

Our VNT turbochargers use all-new aerodynamics and materials for function and advanced design for reliability allowing Garrett to achieve cost-effective, best-in-class performance and fuel economy.

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Fixed Geometry Turbos for Commercial Vehicles

Our new generation of Fixed Geometry turbocharger provides best in class efficiency for Heavy Duty applications, allowing at the same time full range of options to enhanced performance: Ball Bearing, Vaned Compressor stage, Abradable Coating, Sector Divided and Fixed Vane Nozzle.

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GT45 wastegate Value Prop 2020 Garrett Commercial Vehicle
Turbocharger / Turbo Diesel Engine / Turbo For Cars / Garrett turbo

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Turbocharger / Turbo Diesel Engine / Turbo For Cars / Garrett turbo

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