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Advanced Diagnostic & Prognostic Software

Our solutions help automakers, fleet operators and suppliers make vehicle health management more effective while lowering their operational costs and improving end-customer satisfaction.

Making Complex Vehicle Diagnosis and Prognosis Easier with Garrett

Vehicle complexity is increasing with autonomous drive features, more software, increased electrification, and much more. These additional complexities make it harder to diagnose effectively, especially with the number of technicians in the industry decreasing. The end-customer’s #1 reason of service dissatisfaction is wrong repairs, leading to an estimated $9 billion of undue warranty costs for OEMs, and difficulties to keep customers loyal to repair shops.

Garrett Advanced Diagnostic & Prognostic Offerings Overview

We offer solutions to help OEMs, suppliers and fleet operators to:

  • Simplify the creation and maintenance of service procedures
  • Measure health of components, systems and vehicles
  • Detect issues and isolate faults
  • Keep history of repairs


Our software solutions

1 Garrett Fault Modelling Tool

The Garrett Fault Modelling tool is a web application that provides guided processes and functions to create fault models and service procedures in a scalable way. With Graphical Modelling Tool, every engineer will have simplified and guided steps to create effective fault models and service procedures at their fingertips.

What it enables: SAETM level 2 and above
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2 Garrett Health Indicators

Health indicators are a set of algorithms built from physics modelling of a component or system, measuring its health during operations, measuring and enables vehicle prognostics. The use of these indicators also improves the accuracy of the diagnostics and can help prevent unexpected breakdowns.

With Garrett expertise and technology, every component can produce actionable results!

What it enables: SAETM level 3 and above
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3 Garrett Diagnostic Reasoner

Garrett Diagnostic Reasoner (DR) is a web application software that provides dynamic step-by-step vehicle diagnostic procedures based on one or multiple symptoms like fault codes and/or customer complaints.

Through the Diagnostic Reasoner, you can have optimized troubleshooting procedures specific to your problem available at your fingertips – Make your diagnostic work more efficient!

What it enables: SAETM level 2 and above:
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How Diagnostic Reasoner Works - Watch Demonstrations

Garrett developed a unique way to diagnose complex vehicle failures by mixing physics modeling and data science together. Our technology provides fast and accurate ways to pinpoint the root cause of any complex vehicle problems.

Diagnostic Reasoner software functions by integrating advances in fault modeling, vehicle health indicators, field data and smart analytics to provide remote real-time monitoring of mechanical and electronic systems across a range of driving conditions. Diagnostic Reasoner software places better information in the hands of managers, whether by identifying the need for pre-emptive parts replacement or ensuring ‘right first-time’ repairs via the prescriptive onboard procedures guide. It’s a system available to:

  • automakers,
  • owners,
  • fleet managers and
  • component suppliers.

Providing a continuous stream of vehicle health data to spot system anomalies, it can identify and fix potential failures before they cause a breakdown or an accident. This makes for more efficient garage resource allocation, better repair planning, and optimized maintenance schedules based on data-led insights. The result is improved efficiency, reduced labor costs, and maximum vehicle uptime.

Watch this video demonstrations to learn how a mechanic can troubleshoot a vehicle in various cases using Garrett Diagnostic Reasoner software.

Clasifications and Standards

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAETM), through its Health-Ready Component and Systems (HRCSTM), has developed a framework to help industry players to prepare implementation of Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM), and operate a shift in diagnostic and prognostic capabilities.

As a leader in IVHM solutions with a legacy in aerospace, Garrett has designed a suite of solutions to help suppliers, OEMs and fleet operators to enable SAETM IVHM classification Level 2 and above to save undue costs and improve service quality throughout the lifetime of the vehicle.

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