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About Garrett EWS

Garrett EWS (Early Warning System) is built to drive a reduction in the cost of unplanned downtime & breakdown on fleetsreduce the number of expensive repairs caused by issue escalation and improve the safety of drivers and passengers.  

Through early fault detection, Garrett EWS enables fleet managers to shift from regular maintenance appointments towards maintenance to address specific vehicle needs, keeping the vehicle active on the road with the knowledge that vehicle is operating in full health. 

Extensive testing has shown significant results including detection of faults up to 21 days before vehicles were signaling a DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) and providing fleet managers with insight up to 90 days ahead of a possible vehicle failure preventing avoidable downtime and reducing the risk of the issue escalating to multiple systems over this time. 

With a dongle placed on the vehicle in partnership with our Telematics Service Providers, Garrett accesses signal and CAN data 

Garrett’s sophisticated diagnostic tools interpret and analyze all the incoming signalsThrough complex algorithms Garrett EWS interprets and analyses system and sub-system behavior in near real time whilst the vehicle is running. Garrett EWS will signal any anomalies and predictions directly to the fleet manager with clear visibility on the vehicle health and failure risks.  

Garrett EWS is designed for the fleet manager with alerts on vehicles at risk and easy visual representation of vehicle behavior across the entire fleet. Garrett EWS is available on OBD2, J1939 supporting both passenger and commercial vehicles 


The Pillars of EWS

Detection: Garrett EWS analyses data from the vehicle telematics and identifies a problem in the vehicle behavior near-time. An anomaly can be detected due to a change in the behavior of a mechanical part or a change in fluid e.g. fuel type.  

Diagnostics: Garrett EWS pinpoints the issue location, notifies the fleet manager and stores the data history for easy visualization in the garage. Real time fault diagnostics reduces the need to replicate the fault increasing first time fix and reduce time off the road. 

Prognostics: Driver and vehicle behavior is analyzed using Physics based models (PBM), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning enabling fault prediction from 2 up to 90 days before a critical fault. Reduce unplanned downtime through scheduled maintenance.  

Service Management: Garrett EWS compiles a full fault and DTC history including the ability to produce reports of vehicle behavior at the time of the fault. Instantly compare pre and post-fix data. 

Garrett EWS also provides follow-up on the repair and produces the evidence in case of a wrong or failed repair. 


Prediction Types

Remaining Useful Life: Garrett EWS predicts how many miles & how much time is left from a specific component until it needs to be replaced. 

Fault predictions: Garrett EWS determines if a specific component is prone to failures in an immediate time frame (2-90 days). 

Health scoring: Garrett EWS predicts if a certain component will have an important health degradation in a foreseeable time frame and whether it can affect other systems. 

With different vehicle systems and subsystems producing different types of faults, Garrett EWS runs specific prediction algorithms depending on the system type. 



The Garrett EWS platform is fully developed on cloud technology enabling easy on-boarding of all fleet types and sizes with the platform expanding to fleet and analytic needs. 

The Garrett EWS platform runs Machine learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Physics based Modeling (PBM) that allow the platform to continuously ingest and learn the characteristics and context of each vehicle in your fleet. 


  • Break Lining Saving
  • Engine Overheat Avoidance
  • Aftertreatment Issues

The Garrett EWS Platform

The Garrett EWS interface is designed for the fleet manager to have easy visibility of their entire fleet with full control enabling the ability to drill down to specific vehicle issues at the click of a button. The fleet can be managed with a prioritization of common issues, or with visibility by fleet type and usage. 

Fleet Overview

Customize your fleet view with the widgets that are most relevant to you to manage your fleet 

Widgets include: 

  • Active vehicles per day 
  • Vehicle health indicators 
  • Active reported DTCs 
  • Vehicle utilization per day 
  • Vehicle health indicators 
  • Customizable widgets based on all vehicle signals. 

Real Time Issue Monitoring

Garrett EWS monitors your vehicles in near real time and promptly reports detected issues. Visualize the problems in your fleet by urgency type. Garrett EWS will describe the fault with details as well as provide localization for fast fixing. 

Dashboard includes: 

  • Your vehicles with issues and priority 
  • Issue localization mapping 
  • Explanations and details on the issue 
  • Affected systems overview 
  • Garage maintenance report 


Vehicle Health

  • Prioritize the view of your fleet by the issues detected and deep dive specific vehicle health by urgency 
  • Vehicles with detected anomalies 
  • Predicted failures 
  • DTCs detected 

My Fleet 

Manage the vehicles in your fleet, localize and assess specific vehicles and easily add more vehicles to your fleet within the Garrett EWS Platform 

  • Vehicle by vehicle analysis 
  • GPS location tracking & history 
  • View vehicles by anomaly or in maintenance 
  • Add and manage the vehicles in your fleet 


Vehicle Health Reports

Deep dive specific vehicle behavior whilst the vehicle is on the road.  

  • Predictions on future component failures 
  • Visibility of warnings, DTCs at the time the issue occurred. 
  • Visibility of system and subsystems where issues are arising 
  • Drill down to in depth issue analysis 
  • Prioritize by issue criticality 
  • Prevent issues with Garrett EWS prediction capabilities 
  • Maintenance based on AI prognostic models 

Service Maintenance Reporting

Provide Garrett EWS issue reporting directly to the mechanic in the garage to simplify and accelerate issue resolution: 

  • Summary of issues and suspected root causes report ready to be provided to mechanic 
  • Graphic representation of vehicle behavior at time of issues 
  • Easy post service comparison to validate issue resolution 


Early Warning System Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I buy the Garrett EWS Solution from Garrett, will I also need hardware?
Q: Who is the ideal user for Garrett EWS, the Garage or fleet manager?
Q: Does Garrett build the hardware dongles?
Q: Will my Choice of hardware impact the quality of the Garrett EWS solution?
Q: Will the Garrett EWS system allow for remote changes?


This depends on the telematics capability – if they allow to write we can overwrite to change anomalies on the Garrett EWS Platform

Q: Is Garrett EWS Compatible with all vehicles?


Yes. Garrett EWS can connect to OBD2 as well as singles from trucks and trailer units (J1708 & J 1939)

Q: How does Garrett Manage personal data?


Personal data is only used to give the fleet manager visibility on their fleet and is not shared. When the service ends or upon request all personal vehicle data will be erased. Garrett gathers anonymous data from the vehicle to enable predicative modeling. This data is not personalize and can not lead to the identification of a specific vehicle or individual.

Q: How is EWS different to DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) decoding?


DTCs arise when the vehicle ECU has identified an error. DTC decoding will notify the user of an impending error. Through EWS the fleet manager will be notified of potential risks before the DTC is being detected, enabling for more time to schedule the vehicle for maintenance at the most optimal time.

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